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Roly's Run is a circular route in and around the Meon Valley that takes in some of the local hills, including Beacon Hill and Old Winchester Hill. The course is 80% trail, has some amount of climbing, and can be tricky underfoot in places, particularly in wet weather or after persistent rain (e.g. loose stones, tree roots, slippery descents on chalky paths).

Content on this page will be updated regularly in the coming weeks as we finalise details including checkpoint locations. Please check back again soon.




Event Dist. Climb Cut-off Checkpoints Map/gpx file Entry fee
15 15.5mile
3/4 [View in OS Maps]
[Download .GPX]
(£27 if unattached)
20 21.5mile
5/6 [View in OS Maps]
[Download .GPX]
(£27 if unattached)
40* 40mile
1400m 10 hours 9/10 [View in OS Maps]
[Download .GPX]
(£47 if unattached)

(*) Please note that if there is limited interest in the 40 we may choose to amend the 40 mile route to 2 laps of the 20 mile course.


  • Routes are hilly with some tricky terrain in places so abandon all hopes for a PB! :)
  • Checkpoints throughout, spaced ~5-8km, will be well stocked with various drinks, food.
  • Course will be marked with arrows, tape, and flour as needed. No map-reading necessary. Latest GPX files / link to map will be available prior to race.
  • Routes will be attended by marshals, particularly at any siginificant junctions/crossings.
  • Livestock: There are likely to be some cows just after 'Betty Mundy's Bottom', when going through the Preshaw estate. They are a docile breed, which is permitted to be on public rights of way. Please see 'Walking or running through cattle'. Please ensure that you close any gates after you.



Entries can be made via SiEntries. You will need to register with SiEntries before being able to enter. The event is capped at 100 walkers/runners across all events. Entries on Si will close 2nd November (a week before). A small number of entries can be made on the day as long as limit is not reached before the event day.


Swanmore Village Hall is on New Road opposite the secondary school. There is parking for ~50 cars, but we are enquiring about additional parking at the school as well as access to their changing facilities. Registration will open at the village hall just after 6.30am, race briefing will be at 8am in the hall. There will be tea/coffee, cold drinks etc available.

Race start will be on New Road playing field, at 8.30am. All will be asked to walk to the start after the briefing. The field is approx. 200m from the village hall and has a toilet block, which will be open for use. Runners will complete a loop of the field before running up the road towards Swanmore village.

The finish will be back at the village hall, on the area of grass next to the village hall on the side that is closest to the road. There will be hot food, at no charge, available at the end e.g. veggie chilli, jackets, and salad, cake, hot/cold drinks, etc.

MEDALS ARE OVERRATED... everyone that participates will get a rock instead! Some time ago when Rich (Roly) and I were packing for an 86 mile coast-to-coast hike I saw a huge rock next to his backpack with a smiley face on it. I asked Rich what it was and he said "...oh that's 'Boris the Rock' ... we're taking him with us". His pack was so heavy that he sometimes had to be pushed up to his feet to get him going!

No-one knows what happened to Boris, but every runner/walker will get a 'mini-Boris', with the event date on it and of course a smiley face, as a memento of the race. Feel free to carry it around with you on your next big run/hike!